​Majestic  Paris 2021....History has been written

​Majestic Paris 2021....History has been written

Posted by Anna Driva on 14th May 2021

Majestic Impassable !

 It has its own story, which has been written permanently, guiding the Greek gastronomic olive oil to new heights, continuously breaking "impassable", which had not been conquered by Greek olive oil and by Greek producers

And so, in 2018, the Majestic blend evoo gave us the joy and honour as the first Greek gastronomic olive oil to be awarded first place (1st) in the world ranking for olive oils

Since then, it has acquired many great distinctions in the most prestigious competitions in the world, from Japan to the United States

But a few days ago in Paris, it made us extremely proud, reaching what was not possible for the last 19 years and accessing what was impassable in French gastronomy and culture, for a Greek gastronomic olive oil

It led the Greek gastronomic high quality olive oil to a new record high at the World Edible Oils of AVPA Gourmet 2021

Paris 2021....history has been written

Majestic blend EVOO... Gold Gourmet

An intensely emotional moment for us